And I was hoping you guys could give me some advice (or tell me why it's stupid an unrealistic).

With the Kotaku Dreamhost offer offering a domain for 1.60 a month ending tomorrow I thought it might be worth trying out for a year. I'd repost all my articles there and maybe write some stuff there that's just too casual for b-ten (I'll still repost it here of course). A friend of mine who's a huge film and anime geek would write stuff there too. And you know, I might just catch some ad revenue while I'm at it….

But I don't know anything about HTML, nor can I even come up with a decent name (I was thinking about gemufukaku, which is Japanese for game fucker. But I can't really use that if it's about Films/anime as well).


So, what do you guys think? (Oh and if Evan comes over here to slap me I'd totally get that). (And if you have an idea for a name that would be awesome too).


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